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Year of Publication: 2008

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A Description of the Music of Vignettes

Vignettes was published in October 2008, and is a collection of original harp trios. Barbra is a harpist and pianist, and from September through mid May each year she spends most of her time teaching and performing on both instruments. However, from late May through August, she immerses herself in her other passion – dance. Six days each week she travels by subway from Rockville, MD to Silver Spring, MD, in order to take class. The trip takes about an hour each way. Spending this much time riding the rails gives her ample opportunity to read and compose – in a distraction-free zone. This
book is a result.

A Waltz for Jean came about following a conversation with one of Barbra’s friends who is also her student. She made the statement that we needed a waltz for our harp ensemble. Within five days of her comment, this piece came into being. It is a simple waltz tune that undergoes several variations. Harp One retains the tune throughout, while Harps Two and Three accompany.

Scene in Silver Spring began as Barbra got off the train one Monday morning in Silver Spring, to find a perfect day: blue sky, puffy clouds, and low humidity – almost unheard of in the Washington, DC area. Again, the trio fell into place very quickly. The music has a happy, dance-like quality to it, and the tune wanders from harp to harp.

August Aire was begun on the way to class one morning, walking from the Silver Spring Metro Station to the ballet school. It then actually came to life while Barbra was staying in the hospital while her husband was ill. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are separated from your harp and have time on your hands. It is a slow air with lots of countermelodies and a minor tonality section [“B”] inserted between two sections in the major mode [“A”.] Harp One has the tune in the first “A” and the “B” sections, and then Harp Two brings the “A” section back in a different way.

Harps on the March is a tiny piece with lots of energy. Harp Three has the drum-like effect while Harp One takes the tune. Harp Two fills in the rest. This is the shortest trio of the five.

Summer’s End began during the final week of the summer, when the realization is setting in that the passion of dance is almost over for another year. There is a certain sadness to the tune, but at the same time there is anticipation – both for the start of the new school/performance season, and for the knowledge that the dancing days will return in less than nine months. Harps One and Two take turns with the tune, and join in a round for the final verse. Harp Three maintains a steady foundation throughout.

Vignettes sells for $22.00 plus P&H and MD Sales Tax when applicable.

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