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Student Souvenirs

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Price: $10.00 plus P&H and MD Sales Tax when applicable.
Year of Publication: 2014

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A Description of Student Souvenirs, Solos for Harp

Barbra’s book – Student Souvenirs – was published in 2014, and is a collection of six original solos and a very easy arrangement of the Pachelbel Canon. The solos can be performed on either lever or pedal harp.

Several years ago I needed harp solos for several of my students, to develop their particular abilities at the time. They are written in various keys and time signatures – gradually adding different technical requirements.

They are presented in gradated order, with the most challenging found near the end of the original compositions.

Meghan’s Tune has a dialogue between the hands, beginning with left hand to practice bass clef reading. Only fingers 1 and 2 are used. It is in the Key of C Major.

A Melody for Meghan uses placements of two to four fingers in the right hand with a continuous half note bass that can be played with finger 2 throughout. It is in the Key of C Major.

Pastorale for Paloma has the melody in the left hand and a continuous half note accompaniment in the right hand. It uses placements of two to four fingers, and is in the Key of D Major.

A Song for Phoebe is written in the key of E Flat Major, but if your harp is tuned in C, your can play it in E Major instead. The melody travels back and forth between the hands, and thumb slides are introduced in both hands. Once each hand has played the melody, it appears in octaves to finish the piece.

Jane’s Minuet, written in the Key of G Major, was inspired by the Minuet in G from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. There is an A section followed by a B section and a return of the A section. Moving parts are found in both hands, along with placements of two to four fingers and thumb slides.

Sasha’s Serenade, written in the Key of C Major and in 6/8 time, is probably the most difficult. The left hand travels between bass and treble clefs, and has many moving notes.

The right hand melody is the most complex of the six pieces with lots of placements of two to four fingers and a few thumb slides.

Student Souvenirs sells for $10.00 plus P&H and MD Sales Tax when applicable.

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