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Straight From the Harp Volumes I & II

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Price: $18.00 each Year of Publication: 2005

Contact Barbra to purchase via mail order.

You can also buy these volumes at:
The Michigan Harp Center
89 West 14 Mile Road
Clawson, MI 48017-1922
Tel: 248-288-4277
Web: www.michiganharpcenter.com

About Straight From the Harp Volumes I & 2

Barbra’s books – Straight from the Harp, Volumes 1 and 2 – were published in 2005, and are a collaboration by Barbra Bailey Bradley and Mimi McNeel. Barbra’s arrangements and original compositions were edited and published by Mimi, and together they became McBrad Publishing.

The books contain all the music from Barbra’s CD – Straight from the Harp – plus additional titles that were developed later. Versions of the titles developed later have been recorded on Barbra’s latest CD – Harp-Felt.

Each book contains music for lever harp – solos, one duo, and two trios. The same duo is found in both books.

Volume 1 includes Nostalgia [solo], Four Inventions by J.S. Bach [solo], The Lakes of Pontchartrain [solo], Sonatina in C by Muzio Clementi [solo], She’s Like the Swallow / I’se the Bye[solo, duo – score and parts] , and Shaker Tune / En Roulant [solo, trio – score and parts.]

Volume 2 includes Chester Variations [solo], Three Baroque Dances {Musette in D, Musette from the g minor English Suite, and Minuet in G} [solo], Slane / Nettleton [solo], Sonatina in G by Thomas Attwood [solo], Sonatina in F by Ludwig van Beethoven [solo], She’s Like the Swallow / I’se the Bye [solo, duo – score and parts], and Huron Carol [solo, trio – score and parts.]

Each volume sells for $18.00 plus shipping, handling and Tax (depending on your state).

Samples from Straight from the Harp Volumes I & II:

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  • Maryland, DC, Virginia


Available for the following events:

  • touring / teaching (harp & piano) / workshops / adjudicating music festivals
  • performing at: weddings, receptions, teas, luncheons, dinners, open houses, funerals,  memorials, outdoor events, holiday functions and much more!